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Our Mission

We hold leaders accountable to do what's right.

​We know that good intent exists in organizations’ manifestos and individuals’ values. Yet, both often struggle with how to put that good intent into action with all the leadership challenges, noise and biases that get in the way.


Clarity matters, and that's where we start. Purpose, goals, results.


We excel at supporting leaders do the head and the heart work: making smart decisions that drive businesses and careers, and bringing others along while you execute. All while keeping a focus on values. 

Our Values


We are Frank.

We commit to telling the truth - even (especially) when it's hard. Because someone has to.

We are Human.

We believe that "being human" solves problems: kind, open, curious, considerate - and honest about flaws and setbacks. 


We can be nothing but Bold

It's in our DNA and our purpose. We make change happen.


Leadership: Mindsets and Behaviors

Being a courageous leader requires leading with intention and challenging yourself to grow. That means learning, stretching and, often, getting uncomfortable. We coach leaders to articulate their values and stay committed to living them (even when it’s not easy); to grow their skill-sets; and to be clear, always. We are a support, a sounding board, and an advocate. We are candid and kind. And we bring years of experience to career definition and development, communication skills, and leadership work.

Messages & Media: Audience is Everything

A leader, by definition, must have followers (and a brand, buyers). To motivate, inspire, and build healthy loyalty, connecting with your audience is everything. With an understanding of audience comes an ability to develop story and deliver content in the right format to drive action - with panache and authenticity. We see the arrows from idea to audience, from complex to clarity. We create communication strategy and execute on content. And we support the messengers as they grow in skill and style.

Events & Workshops: Relevant and Singular

To make a real difference, events need to be more than panels and swag. And there is no such thing as an effective one-size-fits-all training. Adding a virtual component makes these truths all the more so.  We partner and advise on events that engage audiences. We support speakers and production teams with content and execution.  We develop and facilitate strategic offsites, workshops, and trainings that set and accomplish goals while captivating participants along the way.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: Strategy, Focus & Action Plans

At the core of our work is a belief that working towards equity is a non-negotiable. Recruiting, hiring, managing, promoting, supporting, training, celebrating - existing efforts must be questioned and viewed through the laser-sharp lens of driving inclusion and equity across race, gender, orientation, identity, and all diversity dimensions. We partner with diversity leaders and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to influence, organize, communicate, and drive results. We work with all leaders to understand and uncover DEI opportunities and challenges, frame the issues towards progress, and execute on results-driven plans, workshops, and communications. We tailor efforts to the business, both financially and culturally. And we equip leaders with the skills and tools necessary to ensure programs have a lasting, scalable, and measurable effect.

Our Focus

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