Women's Leadership
1:1 Leadership Coaching | Offsite & Summit Facilitation | Team Workshops | Conference Development & Support

Being a bold female leader requires leading with intention and challenging yourself to grow. We coach leaders to articulate their values, and stay committed to living them (even when it’s not easy.) We are a support, a sounding board, and an advocate. And we bring years of experience to career definition and development, communication skills, and leadership work.


Leveled supports women leaders through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and the development of offsites, conferences and summits. We work with individuals to define and refine their leadership brand. We facilitate workshops packed with tactical tools and actionable outcomes. And we develop women's conferences and events that unite, invigorate, and mobilize. All with the goal of empowering women to lead with impact. 

Employee Resource Groups
Strategy, Focus, & Action Plans | Leadership and Communication Coaching | Offsite & Summit Facilitation

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are critical to creating more inclusive workplaces. To be successful, they must be able to influence, build champions beyond their group, and drive change - often without dedicated resources.

From brown-bag lunch sessions to ongoing strategic partnerships, Leveled helps ERGs bring their mission to life. Through analysis, coaching and training, and ​immersive work, Leveled assesses where ERGs are succeeding and what gaps still exist. We create action plans that are realistic and tailored to their business - both financially and culturally. And we equip ERGs with the skills and tools necessary to ensure these programs have a lasting, scalable, and measurable effect.

Narratives & Discourse
Agenda & Content Development | Speaker Coaching | Event & Conference Support | Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

A powerful event is more than a trendy keynote. It needs to be relevant, meaningful, and inspire action. Authenticity is imperative, candor is a gift, and delighting your audience is always the best policy. We use the power of stories to motivate and make a human connection. We facilitate the hard conversations. And we build offsites, meetings, and events that matter. 

Leveled develops agendas, content, and experiences that impact and inspire. We deliver keynotes on women's leadership and the importance of telling your story. We design and facilitate workshops that teach tactical and tangible skills. All with the goal of leading conversations - big and small - with a purpose. 

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