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Coaching & Facilitation
Leadership Engagement
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • Offsite & Summit Facilitation
  • Team Workshops
  • Conference Development & Support
  • 360 Reviews

We listen, teach, and advise. Working across all career stages, we identify leadership goals and roadmaps to success. We teach tangible communication skills. We ask the hard questions and push individuals to be clear on their weaknesses and develop their strengths. We help leaders know how and when to tell their stories. We execute 360s. All with candor and insight.

"Our retreat for female attorneys was empowering and energizing. Sarah inspired us to tell our own stories, seek mentors outside our field, and build stronger connections with one another. "

Communications Consulting
  • Core Messaging Strategy & Development
  • Communication Workshop Facilitation
  • Video Scripting, Production & Editing 
  • Speech Writing & Speaker Coaching

We believe in the power of clear, consistent, and customized communication. We construct core messages that are relevant, repeatable, and audience-focused. We develop and facilitate workshops that teach tactical communications skills, tailored to the needs of participants. We script, produce, and edit videos that are entertaining, memorable, and message-driven. We craft speeches that build connection and drive action, working with speakers to tell engaging, personal stories and inspire impactful delivery. And we bring a unique creative viewpoint to every project.

Communication, dialog, conversation on a
Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.
Meeting Design & Execution
  • Agenda & Content Development
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Event & Conference Support
  • Video Production
  • Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

We create conversations and execute events. We develop agendas, content, and experiences that impact and inspire. We curate speakers, and ensure they’re taken care of so their content shines. We coach by infusing meaningful messages with dynamic delivery. We advise on large conferences, intimate dinners, and anything in between - onsite or virtually. And whether it’s a challenging leadership meeting or a motivational team summit, we expertly facilitate dialogue that inspires action.

Conference Crowd
"Finding thoughtful, creative, and strategic minds who can also execute way above expectations is not easy. Leveled is my go-to partner for my big leadership events."
Women's advancement
70% of members believe their women's ERG has the power to impact company policy.
  • Strategy, Focus, & Action Plans
  • Leadership and Communication Coaching
  • Offsite & Summit Facilitation

We support leaders and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and individuals in creating more inclusive workplaces. From brown-bag lunch sessions to ongoing strategic partnerships, Leveled helps ERGs bring their mission to life. We immerse ourselves in the business to uncover existing cultural and parity challenges. We advise on focus, prioritization, and results. We facilitate hard and fair conversations. We develop and implement programs tailored to leaders, managers, teams, and employees. And we approach every project with an objective perspective.

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