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"Tell Your Story"

Morgan Stanley HERDay

Crosby Hotel, NYC


Sarah Jaycox Hartong is a communication expert with a passion for collecting, telling, encouraging, developing, and articulating stories, particularly those that exist to drive change in today's workplace. With a career spanning two decades, she has coached executives at Google, Morgan Stanley, Medtronic, Apple, Slack, World50, Starwood Hotels, tech startups, and other Fortune 500 companies. All her work focuses on putting the 'human' in today's leadership, and shifting corporate culture to better suit how people work today. She serves as a trusted advisor on leadership brand, executive presence, career strategy, and driving a supportive, successful business culture.

Sarah speaks on topics ranging from storytelling, to leading with values, to what qualities drive both retention and happiness in today's organizations. From keynotes to facilitated conversations, she develops and delivers content that is compelling and honest; meaningful and fun. Sarah encourages audiences to do, feel, and be better, both personally and professionally, because she believes the most effective inspiration is the kind that creates real, behavioral change.

Below are some of Sarah's most popular talks, delivered to corporate clients, professional retreats, and public workshops. Other topics are available, and content can be furthered tailored or expanded to meet the goals and objectives of each individual client. 

Tell Your Story:

Creating Narratives that Engage & Inspire

How do we motivate audiences in an authentic, meaningful, and compelling way? 

In this keynote, Sarah explores the data behind the power of storytelling, shares popular theories about why storytelling is effective, and delves into the many ways that story builds stronger connections with our audience. Sarah shares proven frameworks for crafting a solid and engaging narrative, and walks through thought-provoking examples that get participants thinking about ways that they can be telling their own stories in a clear, concise, and dynamic way. And, perhaps most importantly, she helps participants think through why and when to use their own stories to build relationships, advance their careers, and better their business. 

Become a Trusted Advisor:

Candor, Connection, & the Art of Building Relationships

Any successful leader knows that building and maintaining meaningful relationships is of utmost importance. Creating trusting partnerships takes effort and thought, a little bit of risk taking, and a lot of truth-telling - as well as an intentional approach.


In this talk, Sarah explores what a trusted advisor looks like and feels like - and how the relationship is built. She shares some of the existing theory about trust, and why business scholars spend resources studying and hypothesizing on the topic. Participants are encouraged to think about intellectual curiosity, and how that plays a role in building relationships. Through stories and examples, Sarah bridges the gap between theory and reality with actionable takeaways that help the audience advance their own relationships. 

Amplify Your Voice:

Leading with Confidence & Influence

Researchers have found that women’s voices account for only 25 percent* of the discussion in professional meetings. In this keynote, Sarah Jaycox Hartong will share the business case for diversity of voice and thought, in any professional setting. Touching upon challenges and scenarios shared by Doctors and CEOs alike, she will highlight communication techniques that amplify all voices - including yours - in a conversation, and discuss how and why this approach is vital to driving a truly inclusive environment and ensuring you’re heard. With a focus on facilitation skills, participants walk away prepared to advance and advocate their ideas, no matter the size of audience.  

*KARPOWITZ, C., MENDELBERG, T., & SHAKER, L. (2012). Gender Inequality in Deliberative Participation. American Political Science Review

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